Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cat Scratch Fever

I have it. No really. I got mauled by a cat at work, and the next day my hand swelled up like a balloon and I had pains shooting down my arm to my shoulder. I went to the doctor when my lymph nodes started getting tender, and am now on some mean antibiotics. You see, in most adults the disease (caused by bacteria under the cat's claws) is very mild, and develops slowly 5-10 days after you get scratched. But as I am a type 1 diabetic this whole process took a few hours!

Kyle and I haven't been out much lately, but this weekend was really busy. We went to a company bowling thing on Friday at grandview lanes (on Commercial and E 6th which is an awesome old place that's been around since 1947. We were all upstairs in the laser bowling area, but downstairs there was this huge group of old Japanese folk having some kind of tournemant. They had this stack of bills on the table with them that must have been at least 5 grand. I have no idea what they were doing but I wanted in! Too bad I don't speak Japanese.... Anyway, we left at 10:30 when everyone had reached that happy stage of drunkeness where giant sweaty men were professing the love for eachother in extravagent kokanee flavoured terms.

Afterwards I took Kyle to my new favourite coffee shop on Commercial and E 2nd Ave - Cafe Calabria. I have to say that it's a bit pricy, but the espresso is rich and dark and STRONG, it has an almost spicy taste that I love. And the two brothers that work there are awesome, always have a smile and a flirtatious comment for the ladies (though I have heard they're a little morose with the gentleman. But hey, I'm young and female so it doesn't bother me!). But anyway, the reason to go is the atmosphere! The places is chocoblock full of cheesy Italian statuary - plaster nudes, wax figures, fake suits of armour. Oh and every available wall and ceiling space is covered in murals and black and white hollywood posters and photos. This sounds like a strange combo, but one of the family members is an actor and kung fu artist who starred in a bunch of action movies back in the 90s! ( Cafe Calabria is also the oldest Italian cafe in Vancouver.

Tonight we went to a dance party thrown by one of our friends in Burnaby. It was great catching up with tons of folks we haven't seen for at least a year. Highlight of the night - an old friend and I ambushed Kyle "night at the roxbury" style on the dance floor. Good times. Also, one of my friends who writes great Sci-Fi novels just got an agent! I'm so excited for him! I don't think he has a website up yet, but when he does I'll post it so you can check it out.

Right, I'm off to nurse my aching infected hand and watch Lost reruns.