Friday, March 6, 2009

Why is this so difficult??

So, my husband and I have recently decided to look for some part-time work. We want to pay off our credit card and car loan, and get some savings built up, and we can't really do that with our income at the moment (WHY is rent in Vancouver so high? Well, if you have pets that is).

But here's the thing: apparently everyone else has the same idea. It's quite ridiculous actually. You show up at some restaurant for an $8/hr dishwashing job at find out that 25 schmucks have beat you to it (even though the ad was only posted on craigslist 2 hours ago). Really, we've been applying for about 15 jobs a day between the two of us (delivery, kitchen and server for Kyle - he can only work nights, and admin, barista, server and retail for myself). But so far nothing but a couple of interviews. It's crazy. One company actually posted a message a few days after they had posted a job ad saying that they had received over 300 applications, so could people stop sending them. 300!!!

By the way, Kyle has retail, dishwashing and delivery experience, and I have lots of office admin and customer service experience so it's not like we're bad candidates. I guess things are just a little desperate out there.

If anyone has any (legal) work for us, drop a line! I'll do any type of work (I mean, I do wipe dogs butts for a living - once you've expressed an anal gland you can do anything).


  1. OMG. I knew the rent in Vancouver was high *grumble* (I want to move out soon *grumble*) but I didnt know finding work right now was so hard!!!! :( I hope you find something soon to help you out!!


  2. I know! And the thing is, there have been 2 jobs that wanted Kyle to work Fri, Sat AND Sun night, 5 - 12pm. He just wants one of those 3 nights off, or we'll never see any of our friends ever. I mean, we need the money but don't want to be hermits. So we keep trying!